The Big Idea

At Cygnets we support all unique children to reach their full potential. We plan a child led curriculum in order to spark children.s interest and curiosity.  Leading to engaged active learners.


Our Big Idea is our focus for a two week period. It all centres around a story book taken from a theme that are children are particularly interested in at that time. It can be anything from dinosaurs to thinking about our families. We use this story to engage children in the seven areas of learning and use  a child's interest to support  the progression of their strengths and weakness.

School Readiness

6th July 2020

Our next big idea.... we are going to focusing on school transitions. The key skills we are going to be working on during the next fortnight are, counting and recognising numbers 1 to 13. We will also be working on pencil control, along with writing and recognition of their own name. In addition to this, we will also practise scissor skills, and if needed getting dressed independently and encouraging children to become more independent with their toileting needs to.
We will also have lots of fun playing making pretend schools, and also having lots of fun playing various P.E games.
There’s no specific book of the fortnight this time, as we have various different books about starting school, which will read throughout our big idea fortnight.

We're going on a bear hunt

6th July 2020

Our big idea from the 22nd June will be focusing on using children’s imagination, adding, taking away and pencil control. Our book of the fortnight will be “we’re going on a bear hunt”.
Our activities include things such as, making dens and making a large caves. The children will also be making their own bear hunt maps, and pictured with varied materials such as mud and grass, and textured paint. We will also be making our own Bears and going on our very own bear hunt to, including getting on our wellies and walking through lots of different textures, with our very own binoculars we’ve made!
We have also adapted the noisy neighbour song, where the children have to listen very carefully to the sounds made with different instruments and guess what they are, as well playing what’s the time Mr Bear, even keep fit animal classes!


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