The Big Idea

At Cygnets we support all unique children to reach their full potential. We plan a child led curriculum in order to spark children.s interest and curiosity.  Leading to engaged active learners.


Our Big Idea is our focus for a two week period. It all centres around a story book taken from a theme that are children are particularly interested in at that time. It can be anything from dinosaurs to thinking about our families. We use this story to engage children in the seven areas of learning and use  a child's interest to support  the progression of their strengths and weakness.

Yucky Worms 


Our next big idea.... 

Our next Big Idea will be based on the book 'Yucky Worms' by Vivian French. We will be using this Big Idea to explore our environment and thinking about how we treat living things. We will be having a go at making a wormery and looking at recycling and composting and why these are important. We will be doing some large scale mark making and using magnifying glasses to look at things in more detail.

Below you will find a link to some activity sheets you can do at home with your child if you wish. I have also included a sensory activity that you may wish to try at home. Due to COVID restrictions we are very limited on the sensory activities we can provide and it is a part of play that the children are really missing


When i grow up

9th Nov 2020

Our next big idea .........

This fortnight we will be using the book 'When i grow up' to explore different professions. We will be thinking about what jobs people in our family have and what they may need to be good at to do their job. We will be having some dress up clothes available in the role play area and the children will be sharing any photos they have brought in from home during group time. 

This week we will be thinking about Remembrance Day and the children will be watching the video clip 'Poppies' We will also be marking Diwali by creating patterns with bright colours and learning the story of Diwali.


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