The Big Idea

At Cygnets we support all unique children to reach their full potential. We plan a child led curriculum in order to spark children.s interest and curiosity.  Leading to engaged active learners.


Our Big Idea is our focus for a two week period. It all centres around a story book taken from a theme that are children are particularly interested in at that time. It can be anything from dinosaurs to thinking about our families. We use this story to engage children in the seven areas of learning and use a child's interest to support the progression of their strengths and weakness.

tiddler image.jpg

Our next big idea.... 

Our next big idea in the Bumblebee room will be 'Tiddler The Story Telling Fish' by Julia Donaldson . We will be using this Big Idea to explore the children using their imaginations and support them to develop their story telling skills. We will learn about rhyming words, the days of the week, clocks and time. We will also be learning about our feelings and emotions and how to look after each other. During group times we will be Listening to and identify rhyming words. We will play a Float or sink game. We will be thinking about how and why fishing boats float and what materials and shapes are used to make a boat.

Our Word Aware words are;

Anchor Words- late, story, treasure, mermaid, lobster, Eel.

Goldilocks Words- register, imagination, captured, shipwreck, O’clock, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Step on Words- dawdling, hauling, thrashed


Home learning activities -

-Can you find items in and around your house and find out which items float and which items sink? -Can you make an Octopus and write the numbers 1-8 on the legs? -Can you and your family use your imaginations and make up a story about the sea? Could you make the story rhyme? -Could you ask your family how they feeling today? Can you think of different ways to make each other happy? -Do you like eating fish? Could you try some different types of fish to see if you like it? Could you help to make lunch/dinner and set the table with your family?

Lucy's picture image.jpg

Our next big idea ...

Our next big idea in the Ladybird room will be 'Lucy's Picture' by Nicola Moon. We will be using this Big Idea to explore our senses. We will be thinking about our sense of sight, smell and touch and using these senses to make collages with different materials. During group times we will be feeling an object inside a bag, guessing who is under the blanket and playing the listening game of Noisy Neighbour.

Our Word Aware words are;

Happy Unkind Jealous
Sad Cross Scared Angry Nicely Excited Upset Friend Surprise Crying Unfriendly

Home learning activities -

-Can you find items in and around your house, garden or on your daily walk and use them to make collages with? -Can you make a picture/letter and post to a family member?