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Fees from September 2020


If your child is not eligible for funding or if you have chosen to pay for additional hours the fees are:

  • £5.50 per hour for 3 year old children.

  • £5.75 per hour for 2 year old children.


Applying for a place

If you would like to register your child at Cygnets, you will need to complete one of our application forms.


You can register your child anytime from 18 months, but please note your date of registration is irrelevant when sessions are allocated.


Please contact us for an application form or download the relevant one below:


Note. that the termly closing dates for application are outlined in the application form.

All our items have the Cygnets name and logo printed on them.


  • Sweatshirts £11.00 each (age 3-4 or 5-6)

  • T-Shirts £7.00 each (age 3-4 or 5-6)

  • Caps £3.50 each

  • Caps with back flaps £3.50 each

Sweatshirts £5.00 each
T-Shirts £3.00 each 
(Various Sizes and Colours Available)

Please email Alison at or ask a member of staff for any uniform requests.


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